Because we all tend to look at what is in front of us, the best photograph may be behind us.

My first camera in childhood was a Kodak Brownie that I aimed at anything my eye found interesting.

With a camera always in hand, I pause wherever I am to capture fleeting moments – beautiful flowers, rolling landscapes, unique sunsets at last light, surprise appearances of wildlife, and special moments celebrating life.

My photography experience includes owning an advertising agency and commercial photography studio, as well as holding the role of Director of Marketing Communications for a Fortune 400 corporation. During these years, my technical expertise and eye for photography continued to develop.

These experiences support a transition to the world of digital photography and have enabled me to photograph nuances of light, composition, and color. To me, the use of advanced digital software compares to the artist and his palette of paints.

As a 30-year member of the American Society of Media Photographers, I studied side-by-side with some of New Jersey and New York’s best photographers. I’ve also studied with Jay Maisel and Al Satterwhite in New York, as well as Sinar Bron, the world leader in photographic lighting.

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