“The arts are so important on so many levels. Just think of the difference between a blank wall and one filled with art.

Or think of driving down a road in silence, or listening to your favorite music. Art is communication, creativity, and it provokes emotion. You can say something with art that transcends language and cultural restrictions. It can be serious or whimsical. I especially like the diversity of art. There are as many ways to express oneself creatively as there are stars in the heavens. For me personally, art is the truest form of expression.”

While attending the University of Washington, Theresa worked as a graphic artist. That part-time job turned into a full time career, as she rose from artist, to editor, to publisher. After retiring from publishing, she and her husband moved to their home in Tucson, where she still writes and designs for the Oro Valley Voice.

“I have always painted as a hobby, although my job and raising a family left little time,” she said. “When I moved to Tucson, I had a goal of learning to sculpt, taking flat images to 3D.”

Theresa has been studying clay sculpture for the past five years.

She has also served as president of Southern Arizona Clay Artists. With this organization she spear-headed “Arts from the Attic” — a fundraiser to raise money for arts education for children.

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