Though I am a senior in years and retired I am a new artist by heart and experience. I first started creating sculptures about 3 years ago when I saw my neighbor lady making things using gourds which she would sell at craft fairs. This kind of sparked my imagination and I decided to make our Christmas ornaments for family gifts that year.

Since that humble beginning, my work has morphed into sculptures inspired by the Native Americans of the Southwest. I enjoy creating art that pays tribute to our Native Americans, their lifestyle, their spiritual beliefs and their customs. I do this by incorporating found objects that I have collected while wandering around in our beautiful desert.

My sculptures also contain items I have collected while living in Colorado, Hawaii and North Carolina. When I look at the objects I find I can see Native Americans, IndianSpirits, etc. that tell a story of these people and their lifestyle. I like to create simple designs but with quality craftsmanship that lets the person who loves it enough to buy it see their own mind the image or story which makes the piece very personal to them.

Some people say the piece “Spoke to Them”.What a great gift in life to be able to make someone feel happy and inspired.I am self-taught but I also have to credit Lori Anderson for inspiring me to create. She teaches a “Creating With Found Objects”class at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, Az


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