Sylvia wants her art to bring out the splendor of God’s creation.

Her travels have contributed to her love for bright, bold color. Sylvia spent much of her life living in California, as well as eleven years living in Hawaii. She has traveled extensively in Canada, Mexico, many parts of the United States, and abroad.

Her home is now in Tucson, Arizona, not far from Tempe where her mother grew up. She is also a part time resident of Hawaii. Most often preferring to paint with layers of pure color and not doing much mixing, her paintings are vibrant, often reflecting her love for southwestern and tropical subjects.

Sylvia has a love for parrots, and enjoys going to Oasis Sanctuary in Benson, Arizona, a parrot rescue. She loves donating to their auctions to raise money for their care.

She has shown her work in galleries and art shows all over the country. It’s her desire to convey joy, hope, love, and aesthetic pleasure through her work and wants more and more others to enjoy it for a lifetime on their walls!


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