“I love the whole process of photography – the seeing, the feeling, the creating, and the sharing.

For me, it is meditative, whether in the field or in my studio. My camera is like a companion sharpening my seeing – light, lines, shapes, details, – whether a sweeping landscape or the tiny swirl of a petal. Magic happens when my eye and heart are drawn to something. I find joy in close observation. I am challenged to capture what moved me and to create an image that communicates that feeling to the viewer. Learning and opportunities for creativity are endless. I am striving to be an artist who uses photography as my medium.

With the advent of my “Sending a Little Bit of Love” notecards and new outlets for selling my images, I feel honored when those who purchase and send the cards feel they are spreading some love and joy in the world. The profits from my sales have gone to a Covid project on the Navajo reservation and the Southern Arizona Food Bank. As the Covid project ended, they will continue to go to the food bank in the foreseeable future.

Susan Dinga was born in NYC. She lived many years on a Spanish-speaking island in the Caribbean where she developed her first passion for photography using a Nikonos II underwater camera capturing the underwater world. She moved to Arizona about 5 years ago from California, where she became involved with a camera Club of great photographers who re-ignited her interest in photography and were very instrumental in helping her hone her skills.


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