Sherrie Spangler

I take great pleasure in using the rich colors and soft texture of fabric to create wall quilts, spirit dolls and other pieces of fiber art. The colors bring me joy, so much so that my blog is called Sherrie Loves Color!

While my professional training is in journalism, I’ve been sewing since I was 11 and have turned that into my retirement career. From making my own clothes, I transitioned to art quilts, bowls, vessels, and now I’ve added spirit dolls.

The dolls, formed on a base of sticks that I harvest from downed branches, are dressed in fabric that I’ve painted, stamped, beaded, and embroidered. Colorful yarn, feathers and buttons complete them. Each piece evokes the spirit of a time or place — sunset, sunrise, desert, growth, monsoon. I hope they bring viewers as much joy as I have making them.


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