Richard Shaw

“Art that is uniquely outstanding” is how Richard Shaw, Artist Storyteller, describes how one-of-a-kind 3D Wire Art will stand out on your wall.

Richardtwistscolorfulwireand uses a variety of mixed media—sticks, stones, glass, wood, copper, fabric, even feathers—in framed wall art and installations that hang. Themes range from mountains and trees animals and abstracts. He also writes a whimsical short story that is displayed next to the piece at art festivals and in galleries. People really seem to love the stories, they LOL.

His first work was to frame two railroad spikes from the 1880’s found near an Australian goldmine. Super glue wouldn’t work, but rusted rebar wire would.

Having recently moved to the Tucson area from Los Angeles and San Diego, Richard iscreating more works with Southwestern themes—teepees, saloons, horses, lizards, medicine men,and of course, saguaros. Lots of saguaros.

A former television producer/writer of adventure travel series in Australia, Canada and Europe for PBS,Travel Channel and TV networks globally, he created the 3D Wire Artartformin1998 to continue telling stories and work with his hands. Buyers of his artworks receive the story in a numbered and signed ‘ Certificate of Authenticity’.

Richard shows in galleries, does commission work and tour the art festival circuit in California and Arizona. He is also expanding into custom works and installations that hang from walls or ceilings for homes, restaurants, retail and medical offices.


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