“Taking pleasure in the process unhampered by archaic rules challenges those self-imposed barriers to creativity.”

My artistic career began as a graphic illustrator for McDermott Inc. more than thirty years ago. I always wanted to paint but had minimal experience due to chemical sensitivities.

It wasn’t until 2017 shortly after moving to Arizona that a local artist introduced me to a Native American who sells pigment and walnut oil for making solvent-free paint. After experimenting with the product, I committed to a painting a day for a year and produced 400+ paintings in 2017.

“Painting is a visceral experience” -Wolf Kahn.

And it is a pleasurable one when we ignore the rules that obstruct the creative process. Painting fast and often removes the noise and enables the artist to develop a style of their own. I look to enhance the natural beauty of the subject with an exaggerated palette of pure color and brushwork that captures a sense of rhythmic energy.


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