Melanie McPherson

I’m originally from Minnesota. I have a BFA from College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. I have always been fascinated by the great outdoors and wildlife; and have a deep gratitude for the Earth and her gifts. I grew up surrounded by 200-year-old oak trees to climb, collect toads, and I loved splashing around and making mud pies in the creek in our backyard.

Naturally my love for playing in mud as a little “Tom-boy”, over time, translated to my love of creating pottery. Not only is creating and teaching pottery fun, but it gives me the sense of being close to the earth and “being one” through the clay.I have been creating and teaching pottery for over 20 years and have taught 100’s of people of all ages how to throw pottery on the wheel; as well as, numerous other visual mediums.

My passion for clay began when I was the ceramic teaching assistant in high school and fell in love with the craft and helping others to learn. And it has continued on all these years.

My background also includes environmental work in California for salmon fisheries conservation during several seasons. At this time, I was the underwater photographer for the USFS department. I was also a counselor in Vermont for at-risk youth where I taught Art classes for two years; in addition to my other duties.I served in the Army Reserves and trained as a Photojournalist for eight years. My last formal teaching job was in California for a community day program with 60 artists;whose ages ranged from 18-85 years old, where we had an open studio and they could create anything they imagined in clay. It was fabulous!

In addition to pottery; I enjoy wildlife photography, painting, drawing, jewelry design,3-Dmosaics,papier-mâché’, papermaking and book arts, stained glass, etc… I love the magic of making it all!


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