Madeline Thorpe

Madeline is a self-taught multi-talented artist who was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and now splits her time between Tucson and Pinetop in the White Mountains.

Her art, whether hand-made beaded clothing, paper castings, watercolors, jewelry or etched glass, is heavily influenced by the things she loves of the Southwest, the Sonoran desert, the surrounding mountains and her Hispanic origin.

Each of her etched glass pieces is uniquely hand-designed using one of two techniques. The first involves the application of a masking paper upon which a design is drawn. The design is then cut out, using a single-edged razor blade.

This leaves underlying glass exposed to a sandblasting process in which aluminum oxide is applied under the force of high-pressure air from a compressor. In using the second technique, Madeline draws her designs with white glue squeezed from a small plastic bottle through a thin hollow tip. This leaves a portion of the glass object not covered by glue exposed to the same sandblasting process. Her designs using this technique she calls her, “Off the Wall” designs, and represent her interpretation of petroglyphs and pictographs found in Arizona and surrounding states. She is especially excited in doing these designs as they allow her to feel closely akin to those original artists of the Southwest.

Madeline is also the author of Corazon Contento, a cookbook which features the regional recipes, recuerdos [family stories], dichos [sayings], and remodios [remedies] of her childhood.

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