Leonor Pisano

Because I live where copper exists in the earth, working with it has become my passion.

Life evolves in the same way as the jewelry I create. When I pick up a piece of copper I see potential. The metal evokes a sense of possibility which begins the unique rendering of what is achievable.

I enjoy the juxtaposition of the hardness of metal with the delicate textures of nature’s gifts such as seed pods, wood, or cactus skeletons. I find it interesting for hundreds of years, people have worn copper on their skin. Copper has healing properties and has been known to ease pain such as arthritis. I love that the metal I use to form into jewelry can assist with the healing process.

My pieces combine copper with fine metals such as silver, brass, turquiose, fresh water pearls, cholla, ironwood, or leather. Some pieces feature brass and copper etched with petroglypch or drawings that have been adapted to the etching process.

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