Metal Artist | SaddleBrooke,AZ

Creating silver and gold jewelry is more constructive than lying on a psychiatrist’s couch — for me, anyway.

As a metal artist and designer, I view jewelry as a three-dimensional wearable art. Yes, you can hang it on a wall or you can hang it on any part of your body, which has been done since the 17th century. I have been silversmithing for 20 years and have been inspired by designers, who have a background in architecture and engineering.

Lately, since the world has become increasingly complicated and chaotic – I’ve entered a new phase of metal design, which I call minimalism. Consider Plato’s argument, non-physical (but substantial) forms or ideas represent the most accurate reality. Thus, I’m incorporating additional basic geometric forms in my designs, along with the idea of the forms reflecting aspects of my environment, past, and present.

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