Kristina enjoys experimenting and exploring different mediums and expanding herself as an artist. She never received formal art training, and began her painting career in her mid 50’s.

For most of her adulthood, she thought something was missing from her life. An evening at a paint and wine party changed all that for her. By the end of the evening, she knew creating was what was missing from her life. From that moment on she began a quest to learn more about painting and creating. She took a course in acrylic, and loved it so much she took the advanced class.

She then found an art teacher and worked with him for a couple of years. From there she found an abstract art teacher who she worked with until she moved from Las Vegas back to her hometown of Tucson. She considers herself a dessert rat, but certainly has an appreciation for the ocean and the woods. She has lived in several states, and traveled all over the world to 57 countries.

She started out in acrylic, but expanded to oils as she can blend colors together and add depth to a creation. She also plays with alcohol inks and has fun with how they move and blend and have a mind of their own.

Mostly she creates for the fun and pure enjoyment of it. Her style is fluid. She loves variety and exploring, and her art truly reflects that creativity.

She loves animals, nature, and color. She has won an award for best wine label, and an African Landscape for creativity at an art fair in Las Vegas.


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