I’m Kevin Brougher and I spent 30 years in public school classrooms. My first years were at the 5th-grade level.I then moved to the middle school and finally put in some years teaching algebra and geometry at the high school level.

I was always intrigued with blending FUN with learning or practicing skills.I wrote my first two THINKLERS! books while teaching and developed a few games that worked worked/played well both inside and outside of the classroom.

While teaching, I also wrote many children’s books. It wasn’t until my youngest daughter graduated from art school that I started getting them illustrated and published. Yes, my daughter illustrated my first children’s book and was able to do one more before she had twin boys.

Since the grandkids have come along, I have written other children’s books and have teamed up with some other wonderful award-winning artists. I have also had time to develop many more games that are just as good for the senior community as they are with young families.


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