Originally from the Chicago area, I have been exhibiting in shows and galleries since 1996, displaying paintings and painted furniture. Since moving to Tucson in 2007, I have been showing paintings and fiber art at the Tucson Museum of Art shows as well as local galleries. I am a member of CASA, Paperworks, and Green ValleyFiber Guild.

I love to emphasize the whimsy in Nature. My art expresses the juxtaposition of the precise with the casualness of the extremely random, filtered through a lens of sensitively chiseled intention.

Creating art has always been my passion. Living in the Southwest, I am heavily influenced by the local color, continuous sunshine, and the abundance of very talented fellow artists. A lover of color, my paintings celebrate a “palette of all seasons.”The intuitive combination of my acrylics, inks, and various fibers add to the uniqueness of the artwork.


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