Joyce Mason-Monheim

Creating has been part of Joyce’s whole life. Growing up in the Midwest nurtured her passion for art and flowers resulting in a College Degree in Floriculture. She has become award-winning floral artist, floral industry educator and influencer.

Joyce has had the privilege to participate in special events at the White House and Presidential Inaugurations, the Pasadena Rose Parade and being the featured keynote speaker at many educational presentations that have been enjoyed in all 50 states, Canada and around the globe.

Joyce’s creative direction turned during the pandemic to assemblage art on pourpainted holiday ornaments. These creative ornaments are collections of scavenged and found items, vintage jewelry, cosmetic jewelry, baubles, and bits of lots of finds. Some tell an obvious story with the collection of materials; some want you to make up your own story. After all, art is subjective to the eye of the beholder.


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