Through my paintings, I love to express my passion for nature in an exaggerated style by enhancing what I see.

The fluidity and vibrancy of watercolor help me to achieve that goal. My desire as an artist is to bring my viewer to a higher level of appreciation of the subject matter I am portraying.

I have nourished my talent for art with studies and workshops with nationally recognized watercolor artists including; Cheng Khee Chee, Frank Webb, John Salminen, Thomas Trausch and Eric Weigardt.

My interest in art began as a child. For many years I was an oil painter and have found the medium of watercolor to be fascinating and challenging. My subject matter is varied and can be anything from a desert in bloom, the grandeur of the mountains, a face with character, to the simplicity of a single cactus flower.

I am a Signature Member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. In Arizona and in the Midwest, where I previously lived, my work has been juried into and exhibited in shows, some of which in AZ are: The Desert Museum, Toscana Gallery, venues with the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Southern Arizona Arts Guild and the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance.


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