Let me introduce myself. I’m a native Colorado boy with roots in Oregon and now Arizona.

Living in the mountains of Colorado and Oregon I fell in love with the lush landscape. Aspens and fir trees became my first love. Add a creek and a mountain and I was in heaven.

Since moving to Arizona I have discovered a totally different type of beauty. Still love the landscape, but for different reasons. The Catalinas, Superstition Mountain and the Grand Canyon have expanded my definition of beautiful.

There is a magic in the scenery around us. I want to bring some of that to my work. Oil and canvas is my medium and a pallet knife is my tool of choice. Both are my way of expressing what I see and feel. Fortunately, I can pass some of that along to others through my Impressionist Landscapes.

My work is in galleries, both in Tucson and in Sisters, Oregon.


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