Jeanne has been experimenting with various two and three dimensional art forms for over 30 years.

Initially she focused on traditional drawing and painting processes. Due to her experimental nature, she quickly moved into creating innovative techniques in her art forms. For the past 14 years, she has chosen to create with acrylic inks because of the rich, luminous color palette and other unique qualities not available with traditional watercolor or acrylic paints.

In 2011, Jeanne developed a technique of lighting her painted paper sconces with LED bulbs and created what she calls – “LumenArt” which are table lamps with bases. She then developed other innovative techniques to sculpt the painted paper into “wall sculptures” in a variety of different forms and she discovered ways to light the wall sculptures with LED bulbs. She has entitled these “Inspired Artscapes”.

Jeanne applies her creativity to her original artwork and also to innovative solutions to improve her product quality, such as incorporating the use of a 3-D printed Lucite base for the Mini LumenArts.

Early in her career, after earning a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in art, she taught elementary school. During that time, she developed and taught an innovative weekly art program for 300 students from ages 8-13 to develop their creativity through providing a stimulating environment and a variety of resources.

Jeanne has participated in many different local Southern Arizona art venues since 2011.

Jeanne’s personal art philosophy: Art continues to be transformational for me! I’ve not only learned to color outside the lines, I continue to learn how to live outside the proverbial BOX.

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