For my entire adult life, I have always been involved in some form of art or crafts. I have enjoyed quilting, jewelry making, tole painting, paper crafting, ceramics, and knitting.

For 25 years before retiring I had been a vendor at indoor and outdoor craft shows participating in 20 to 25 shows a year. While living in Denver I organized three shows a year with attendance of 2500+ customers and 70 plus vendors per show.

My husband, Gary, and I had been looking to downsize and move to an active retirement community. In July 2016 we made the big move to Saddlebrooke.

The plan was to start a new chapter in our life. Gary wanted to play tennis 24 /7/365 days a year. And my plan was to find new activities that I had never tried before.

Our first discovery was Pickleball and the whole world of retirement FUN opened up for us. You will find either or both of us on the courts four or five times a week.

Then I discovered line dancing. And I’m still trying to get my two left feet and my brain working together. It’s a challenge.

I Play Mahjong /Marvelous and am still looking for someone who knows how to play Chinese mah-jongg, the one without a card.
One day I decided to check out the pottery room and I walked by a classroom where a group was weaving baskets. Quickly got my attention. I stepped inside to ask if they were taking new students. The rest is history. Basket weaving is probably my first love of all the activities that I do here at Saddlebrooke.
Well- a toss-up between Pickleball and basket weaving.


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