For my 8th-grade history project, instead of writing a paper, I built a cardboard replica of the Canterbury Cathedral.

Growing up Des Moines, Iowa, with a father who was a professional artist, meant art supplies and encouragement were always available. I have worked as an artist off and on since graduating as an art major in 1980 from Nebraska’s Concordia University, often freelancing as a graphic artist and illustrator.

Over the past decade, I have focused on watercolor and in 2013, was inspired by a book about people who keep sketching journals. I began filling sketchbooks and journals with pen, ink, and watercolor sketches.

In 2015, the University of Arizona Department of Registration and Transcripts (where I worked for 15 years) commissioned five watercolor sketches to enhance their website. Now I’m retired and spend my time documenting life and travels in sketchbooks.

The Hearst Center for the Arts in Cedar Falls in Iowa, featured my watercolor paintings in a family-themed show in summer 2017. I’ve also participated in a show in Oro Valley, where six of my watercolor sketches of the ranch were showcased.

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