People at art fairs ask me how I got started in doll making. I believe it’s a 50-year-old story, interwoven with a need and a passion to create, using detail, color and a sense of spirit.

My work is not only an expression of what I see,but of what I feel. I create the messages and give a voice to a girl inside who has patiently waited to be heard.

I have combined natural fibers in the hair as well as the handwoven or hand dyedclothingof the Spirit dolls I make. I individually sculpt and paint each face using Sculpey inlaid with beads, pearls or pieces of turquoise.

Each design was conceived and executed by me. I first make a sketch from an idea, then through the prototype. The pattern for a piece is then cut from muslin. Each individual doll is different depending on the fabric used to decorate it.

My works can be found at Absolutely Art Gallery & Gifts and in Tubac, AZ.


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