Connie Gorham

Connie Gorham is a self-taught artist with her natural skill enhanced by some formal training.

She has had a lifelong love of painting and is most inspired by her natural surroundings. Utah born, she has called many places across America home; each of which has instigated a different conceptual take on her composition. While it was her later-in-life move to rural Idaho that kindled her most prolific period, it was her move to Arizona that ignited it. The color palette of the desert as well as the wildlife it contains makes her feel as though she is living in a “Seussian” dreamscape.

She paints in free-style and selects her subject as much with her heart as she does with her eyes. She believes that animals can touch one’s soul in a way nothing else can and she tries to capture that spirit in her work. She finds that the resulting piece is often secondary to the emotions felt at the beginning of the process. As the painting emerges from the canvas, she is attempting to hone in on the unique essence of the animal to express its soul. Each brushstroke becomes about creating oneness with the animal and peace within herself. As much as painting can affect her emotions, her emotions can affect the painting and so, in moments when she can’t achieve zen, she puts down the brush. She believes her emotions are imbued in the painting and it is her desire only to create work that lives on with good Juju

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