Christine Alkhoury

Christine has always loved decorating and repurposing old items to new. In 2019 she had a very bad bicycle accident and sustained a moderate traumatic brain injury, broken hip & pelvic bone and damage to her right arm. This left her with some major challenges to overcome. During her rehabilitation over the next 2 years, the artist in her truly shined.

Rays of Art by Christine came to fruition just 2.5 years ago. Play on words because of her array of different art mediums. She started fusing glass as a type of therapy and became addicted almost immediately. She then bought 2 kilns andbegan creating jewelry and glassware in her home. She also found working with paint would help express herself through contemporary abstract art on canvas using acrylic medium. Her creativity continues to expand to polymer clay.

After her beagle, Bella,and her brother-in-law ran into a closed screendoor, she came up with her 2-sided screen magnet idea. The screens are now safe.

Christine moved to Tucson in 1980 and graduated from Santa Rita High School. She served in the Army and again returned to Tucson. She met her husband (who was stationed at DMAFB) in 1990 and married in 1992. As a military wife she moved with him to Tacoma WA, Germany, Hawaii, and Colorado. After retiring from civil service and her husband from the Air Force after 30+ plus years, they toured the USA full-time in an RV seeing 46 states in 4.5 years to eventually return to the place they loved the most,Tucson AZ, in 2020.

While they have no human children, over the course of their lives together, they have rescued 5 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird.

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