Cecilia Pfeiffer

Growing up, my grandpa always told me,“If you are curious about something-try it…..You have nothing to lose; and you might like it.”If so, you’ve “ticked the box”-learned something and you have a story to tell.

I have lived byhis words and I continue to be curious and a storyteller.My diversified careers took me all over the world; and, I was able to meet and appreciate countries,their people and different cultures. I listened to their stories.

I’ve never studied art; but,a friend last year (who is a renowned Vermont artist) handed me a pencil and said, “draw my hand”.I discovered that in addition to being a“Storyteller” I like to create art ……not with a pencil but my index finger and thumb.My art is created on myiPaddrawing with just my index finger and thumb and is called“Digital Art Finger Painting.”Sometimes I incorporate a photo that I have taken and work that into the finished piece.

My mother was American Indian and I gravitate to telling stories and linking my art pieces to American Indian Tribes and philosophy.

Art has many stories to be told and seen.


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