Bronze Sculptor, Oil Painter

As an artist, I have been afforded the freedom to create an idea that begins in my mind. To have that idea accepted and admired by others as a finished sculpture is truly an exhilarating experience. My pieces reflect serenity and cause one to pause and remember the simple pleasures and everyday life of days gone by. It is crucial to nourish the human spirit with pleasant surroundings, especially now when each day seems to bring new turmoil and unrest. I would hope that my art is a sort of “balm for the soul”.

Even as a child growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I always had an urge to create “something special” that I couldn’t quite describe. As a little girl I would spend hours drawing anything and everything around me. I never really had any formal art training, just a strong and constant urge to make something with my hands. I moved from Nebraska with my husband to Tucson in 1988.

At that point my art took on a whole new direction. I went from painting rural scenes with barns and windmills to southwest art. I became enthralled with the Southwest and the Native American culture. I took up etching and painting the environment in Arizona.

One winter, I attended an art show in Tucson, where I met a famous sculptor displaying his work. I fell in love with a life sized bronze of a little doe he had done. Painting was fun, but this was something else. To be able to express art in three dimensions was the answer to everything I had been searching for all those years. I knew instinctively that if it was something I would do with my hands that I could do it.

The acquisition of an aesthetically pleasing Bronze not only gives pleasure to the observer, but dramatically enhances everything around it. A Bronze will never lose its value as an object of art and will last for centuries. In short, a Bronze is forever.

I have been blessed with a creative gift that gives me great pleasure only when others find pleasure in my creations.

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