I am a local Arizonawood turner. I enjoy making natural edge items, including burls & pieces with incursions. Using primarily reclaimed wood I turn on a lathe making bowls, plates, vases & tables with inlay.

Each of my pieces are one of a kind, as each tree is a unique creation so are the items that can be made from them. Once I start turning the wood what the finished piece will be becomes more apparent. I use mainly wood from storm or construction-damaged trees such as mesquite, acacia, elm, walnut & olive & occasionally I get pieces from other partsof the country.

The finish on my pieces are polyurethane for shine & durability & mineral oil, Danish oil or lacquer for easy maintenance. I belong to several wood turner associations in Tucson &Phoenix & the American Association of Woodturners all from whom I have learned a great deal.

My wife and I have lived in Arizona for over 40 years, retiring in the Tucson area to be nearer children & grandchildren. I primarily show my pieces in local galleries & am so very happy to now be associated with absolutely Art & Gifts Gallery.

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