Annette Cicconetti

Sewing was a family tradition and became a passion of mine at an early age. It started with my grandfather who was a tailor from Italy. I learned hand sewing techniques from my grandmother, while my mother taught me on the sewing machine. She made the most beautiful Barbie doll clothes (I still have them!) and I wanted to be able to sew like that for myself one day.

I studied textiles in college and expanded my skills by taking classes in pattern design and tailoring. I custom-designed and tailored my clothing for many years.

As a sales representative in the Home Textiles industry, I was looking for a way to recycle my quality fabrics and samples, so I decided to put my sewing abilities and creativity to work.

My handbags are original designs created by careful selection of fabrics and trims in different colors and textures to create a unique bag appealing in style as well as functionality.


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