Alicia Schilder

As a multi-media artist, I have explored the continuum of realism to abstraction, particularly in the last 5 years.

In using a variety of mediums and techniques (watercolor and acrylic paints, gels, rice and cotton papers, found and re-purposed materials in collage) I find limitless opportunity for creative expression. At times I start with a landform or picture in mind and build from there, always striving toward abstraction. At other times, I start with a free-wheeling abstracted base, and layer after layer, watch to see what the piece becomes. With both approaches, I think about juxtaposing natural forms with an imposed structure that accentuates the feel and movement of the natural form. So I may start with a mountain vista landscape, but add layers of geometric shapes over part or all, of the scene.

With the goal of achieving different levels of abstraction, I hope to lead the viewer to see and think beyond the obvious, to what might lie hidden beneath. If the viewer studies my art, and questions arise as well as recognition, then I feel I have reached that viewer.

My art journey has been anything but a straight line from intent to expression. But I am at a point now where I value the “play” as much or more than the product. Playing with paint feeds my soul!


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